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Access to over 200 classes, available on demand

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Classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced

Experience 10 - 45 minute video options 

Specialised posture series to improve posture in just 4 weeks

Evidence based prenatal and postnatal classes

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Because we are all different



Pilates doesn't have to be scary! I promise!
Work your way through these beginner Pilates classes and build strength and stability in a way that feels good for you. 

In The Middle


Our mid range level. Perfect for beginners who are ready to take their practice to the next level and Pilates regulars who want to focus on strength, stability and control. 



Ready to take your Pilates to the next level? Strengthen and sweat through these fun and challenging Pilates workouts. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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With over 200 classes, challenges and series to choose from, there really is a Pilates class for everyone


Go Chlo Pilates offers a range of Mat Pilates classes to suit all levels. Classes focus on strength, stability, control and muscular endurance, with the right mix of both low and high intensity. Mat Pilates classes range from 10-45 minutes so everyone can fit a bit of Go Chlo Pilates into their day. 

Choose from Mat + Express Pilates: 45 or 30 minute full body Pilates workouts,  Movement Snacks: 10-15 minute classes for when you're short on time or High Intensity Pilates: fast-paced Pilates workouts to get your heart rate up.

Mat Pilates 


The Stretch

The Stretch Pilates classes are the perfect way to wind-down after a long day or for when you're feeling a little tight. 


Go Chlo Pilates Stretch classes guide you through each movement to ensure you get the most out of each stretch and feel your best. Our Pilates Stretch classes focus on the commonly tight areas including the hips, spine, neck and shoulders to help you improve your pilates practice and increase functionality in every day life. Breath work is synchronised with mobilisation and dynamic stretching to improve joint range of motion and flexibility. 


Prenatal and Postnatal

A library of Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes are included in your Go Chlo Pilates membership. Our Prenatal Pilates classes are the perfect way to build strength, prepare for labour and get you feeling amazing during pregnancy. Go Chlo Prenatal Pilates workouts incorporate pelvic floor, deep core and breathing work to increase stability, control and strength. But just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you can't work hard! We don't go too easy on you! 

The Go Chlo Postnatal Pilates classes are there to help you safely reconnect with your body post birth. These classes focus on pelvic floor, diastasis rectus abdominis and rebuilding overall strength and stability. Chloe is there to safely guide you back into exercise.


Pilates Challenges


​Allow me to do the planning for you with these specially designed Pilates programs.

Each Challenge includes a video every day, which perfectly balance your week of movement with strength, endurance and mobility. These challenges live on Go Chlo Pilates and are ready and waiting for you to begin today! Simply pick the right one for you. 

7 Day Pilates Challenge: workout once a day for 7 days

14 Day Pilates Challenge: workout once a day for 14 days 

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The Posture Series


A carefully thought out four-week program designed to improve and maintain your posture. Expect a range of special workouts with targeted strengthening of the upper back, shoulders and spine as well as restorative workouts designed to release postural tension and tightness. Five sessions per week, from 10 to 45 minutes to perfectly balance your week of movement. 

It’s time to start your journey to better posture. Learn more here

The Running Series


Your compact guide to help you run better. The Running Series is a carefully curated library of all the tools you need to improve running performance and reduce your chance of running related injuries. We focus on leg biomechanics, foot and ankle control and pelvic and core stability through Pilates to build strength and help you improve your running technique and endurance. The Go Chlo Pilates Running Series includes run day warm ups, cool downs, Pilates strength and recovery sessions. 


Let’s hit the mat...and then hit the pavement. Learn more here

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All subscriptions start with a 14 day free trial
Cancel anytime


$45 USD/month 

approx $58 AUD


$395 USD/year

approx $510 AUD

only $33 USD/month 

*All payments are charged in USD

Frequently Asked Questions About Go Chlo Pilates

Go Chlo Pilates

What is Go Chlo Pilates and what makes it different?

Go Chlo Pilates is your new Pilates online studio. It’s run by Chloe de Winter, a Physiotherapist and Master Pilates Instructor with many years experience. With Go Chlo Pilates, you can access a range of classes anywhere, anytime and all the classes will help you build strength, endurance, mobility and confidence. Chloe is on a mission to inspire people to change their relationship and perception of the role exercise plays in their lives, and use it as a way to celebrate your body, not punish it. You'll feel the difference of Chloe's anatomically built classes, as you're guided through her specially designed classes, feeling like you're in the studio and she is talking directly to you.

What can Go Chlo Pilates do for me?

So much more than I can tell you in this FAQ section! Go Chlo Pilates helps you build strength and endurance, makes you more aware of your posture and more connected to your body. You will build stability through the deep stabilising muscles of the body as well as your larger, more powerful muscles. It's a full balance of muscle activation. Best of all, Pilates makes you feel great. Try a class and we can show you how great you'll feel. 😊

Why is Mat Pilates different to Reformer Pilates?

When you are doing Mat Pilates, you get to feel a strong sense of connection to your body and explore all the wonderful ways you can move it, without any distraction. You will feel grounded in your body and confident in your movement. This is because Mat Pilates predominantly uses body weight as resistance for movement. When using the Reformer, the resistance is provided by the springs, so it feels different. Most people tell me Mat Pilates is more challenging - I'll let you judge it!

Is there a free trial?

Yes! There is a 14 day free trial! After the free trial, you will automatically move to your selected paid subscription. You can cancel at anytime.

What is included in Go Chlo Pilates On Demand?

As a Go Chlo Pilates member you get: - Access to over 200 on-demand Pilates, stretch and educational videos - 4 brand new classes every week to keep things fresh - Exclusive access to The Posture Series and The Running Series - Join the Facebook Community Group - Access the Go Chlo Pilates Challenges and so much more...

How often are new classes added?

Each Sunday, at least 4 new classes are added to Go Chlo Pilates. These classes live in the class library under "This Week's New Classes". It's a chance for you to try brand new classes and keep it fresh.

Can I 'favorite' classes?

You sure can! If you love a class, simple press the "Add to favorites" button. Your favorite classes will live in their own folder on the library class page.

How many classes are there on Go Chlo Pilates On Demand?

Over 200 classes live on Go Chlo Pilates! Each week, at least 4 new classes are added! This includes full length classes, short classes, beginner and advanced friendly classes, and everything in between. There are stretch, high intensity and strength classes as well as posture programs and Pilates for running. There is something for everyone on Go Chlo Pilates.

Class Information

What is the difference between the classes?

All the classes have slight variations. See below for a full description of each class. Movement Snacks (5 - 15 minutes) Short and spicy Pilates videos that pack a punch, and in under 15 minutes. Engage, strengthen, and stretch with these mini pilates workouts. Minimal time. Maximum impact. Mat Pilates (45 minute) Go Chlo Mat Pilates is a whole body workout focusing on strength, stability, control and muscular endurance. Develop a deeper connection to your body as you explore new ways to move, and have fun doing it! Mat Pilates with Weights (45 minute) It’s like Mat Pilates but we incorporate two hand weights into the class. These can be dumbbells, wine bottles or canned tomatoes, anything with a bit of weight. I recommend around the 1-3 lb or 0.5 - 1.5kg range. Express Pilates (30 minute) This is a fasted-paced, dynamic, whole body workout. Expect a flowing class of movement and power to strengthen and feel good! High Intensity Pilates (45 minute) Elevate your heart rate and build muscular endurance with high intensity, low impact exercises, while focusing on strengthening the body through controlled Pilates movements. The Stretch The perfect combination of strengthening and juicy stretches to leave you feeling both strong and flexible. Devote time to stretch and lengthen, relieving the buildup of tension in the body. Give that body what it needs!

What equipment do I need for class?

Go Chlo Pilates is designed to do anywhere so you don’t need much! A mat would be great if you have one, but if you don’t then just roll out a towel. There is always a description of equipment you need in the title or class description. You can also use the filters to select certain props. Many classes incorporate hand weights. Hand weights can be any weight but I recommend 1-3 lb or 0.5 - 1.5kg dumbbells. If you don’t have any weights at home, you can use canned beans, wine bottles, jars of peanut butter or your other favourite snack! For The Stretch, I advise you to have a block, but if you don’t have one, grab a couple of cushions. There are also some classes that use a resistance band or booty band.

I’m new to Pilates, can I still join?

Of course! All the classes are designed to suit people of all abilities. There is also a whole folder called Beginner Pilates designed for those who are new to Pilates, or those who want a gentler practice.

How hard are the classes?

Classes are designed to suit both the level of a beginner and a pro athlete and I have had both in my classes! The way the classes build enables you to listen to your body and go at your own pace. There is no shame in taking breaks and in fact, I encourage it! Give a class a go and I bet you’ll surprise yourself with your own strength! I dare you! You can also start with the classes in the Beginner Pilates folder, or use the Class Difficulty Filters at the top of the class library.

I’m pregnant, can I still do the classes?

Absolutely! All our classes are safe for prenatal clients up until the end of their first trimester. Once you enter your second trimester, we recommend you only participate in Prenatal Pilates classes. We have a whole category full of short and full length prenatal classes that focus on glutes, upper body, pelvic floor and pelvic stability. They will keep you feeling strong in your pregnancy! All prenatal and postnatal classes are included in your subscription. Learn more here.

What do I wear to class? Do you wear shoes in Pilates?

Whatever you feel comfortable moving in! For us, it’s usually leggings, a singlet and no shoes. For you, it might be your party suit. By going barefeet, you will be able to connect into the floor beneath you, and develop the balance and proprioception around your feet.

Which class should I start with?

Mat Pilates is a Go Chlo staple and a full body workout which is recommended for new clients. However, have a read of the class types and pick one that floats your boat! If you're not sure, reach out to chloe@gochlo.com and we can help develop a program for you.

Can I access these classes worldwide?

Yeah baby! Go Chlo Pilates On Demand can be accessed anywhere, at anytime

Can I use a TV for my workouts?

You sure can! You can Chromecast or Airplay to your TV depending on the devices you use, following your typical Chromecast/Airplay procedures. How cool is that.

How do I know what classes I have done?

In the class library, watched classes will be faded and a small tick will appear next to the class length. This allows you to keep track of the classes you have done, and those you want to do in the future. You can also marck classes as "unwatched" if you like.

How do I watch Go Chlo Pilates?

You can watch on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. You can also stream the classes to a smart tv. All Go Chlo Pilates classes are available on our on demand platform. To watch our classes on your phone or laptop you will need to log onto the on demand platform on your chosen browser.


Can I purchase gifts?

Yes! I think a Go Chlo Pilates gift is a fab gift to give! At the bottom of Go Chlo On Demand you can select “Buy a Gift Card” where you can enter any amount and enter your payment details. We recommend $45 USD, as this will buy a month of unlimited access to all classes. Remember, the prices are in USD.

How do I redeem my gift card?

At the bottom of Go Chlo On Demand you can select “Redeem my Gift Card” where you can enter your code associated with the gift card.

Pricing and Billing

How much is Go Chlo Pilates On Demand?

After your two week free trial: - Monthly Subscription: $45 USD - Yearly Subscription: $395 USD - Single class rental: $5 USD for one week rental

Can I rent one class?

Sure! If you’re looking to try a one-off class simply click on the class you’d like and select “Get Access Now”. Choose “Rent” and continue to payment. It costs $5 USD and you will get access to the class for one week.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime, there are no hidden fees and you’ll have access until the end of that billing cycle.

What currency is Go Chlo Pilates in?

All currency is set to USD. For reference, $10 USD is approximately $14 AUD.

Does my Go Chlo On Demand subscription automatically renew?

Yes, the billing cycle is monthly from your first payment date (or yearly if you’re on the annual plan).

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we're not able to offer refunds at this time. If you'd like to discuss your subscription or account with us personally, email chloe@gochlo.com

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes! You can pay via credit card or PayPal.


Do I need medical clearance before I begin?

You sure do! If you are pregnant it’s important to have clearance from your doctor or medical practitioner before you begin. For more information, head to the prenatal and postnatal page.

When can I start Prenatal Pilates?

You can start Go Chlo Pilates classes at any stage of pregnancy! If you are in your first trimester you can still do all regular classes on Go Chlo Pilates. After the first trimester, we recommend you only do the Prenatal classes. For more, see the Prenatal and Postnatal page.

I’m new to Pilates, does that matter?

Absolutely not! This program is designed to suit all levels - beginner to advanced.

What video should I start with?

Start by watching the Prenatal Chat - it’s free to view! This chat is important to watch as it outlines how to use the classes, how they are going to help your body in pregnancy and what to watch out for in class.

How do I use the Prenatal Pilates program?

Start by watching the Prenatal Chat video. This will outline how to use the platform and what to expect from it. Then, there is a daily Pelvic Floor and Breathing Video that is there for you to practice every day! Once you complete that each day, you have a selection of either full length classes or short classes (called Movement Snacks) to choose from. There are some that focus more on upper body, some lower body and some other spicy little challenges too! Check out the Prenatal and Postnatal page for more information!

Can I do regular classes while pregnant?

In your first trimester, there are no restrictions on how you move your body so you can do all the classes on the platform, not only the Prenatal ones. We also recommend doing the Pelvic Floor and Breathing Video, as early as possible in your pregnancy! After the first trimester, stick to the Prenatal Program.

How hard can I push myself?

The Prenatal Program is not easy! In fact, you are welcome to work your body hard in pregnancy! However, it is important to listen to your body and take breaks when needed. You should never feel short of breath, dizzy or lightheaded and if you do, sit out the exercise. Further, if you feel any point of pain or discomfort in your body, modify the exercise or sit that one out. If you have questions about this, contact your medical health professional or email chloe@gochlo.com.

Are there Prenatal classes?

Of course! We have categories full of Prenatal classes - both long classes, short classes (called Movement Snacks) and daily videos for pelvic floor and deep core strength. Chloe has years of experience working with pregnant clients and is so excited to provide this community with safe, effective workouts for you!


Do I need medical clearance before I begin?

You sure do! If you are postnatal, it’s important to have clearance from your doctor or medical practitioner before you begin. Check out the Prenatal and Postnatal page for more information.

When can I start?

You may start 6 weeks after the birth, or after you have medical clearance to exercise.

I’m new to Pilates, does that matter?

Absolutely not! This program is designed to suit all levels - beginner to advanced.

What is a DRAM or diastasis rectus abdominis and how do I work on that?

Diastasis rectus abdominis (DRAM) is a stretch of the tissue at the front of the belly, called the linea alba. It is a normal part of pregnancy, as the muscles of the abdomen stretch to allow for space for the baby. After a baby, it’s important to have your DRAM assessed by a medical professional or physiotherapist. To improve and heal a DRAM postnatally, it’s important to incorporate pelvic floor, breathing and deep core exercises into your program. This is found in the Postnatal Abs video and is designed for you to do daily as you build up your strength. Please reach out with further questions.

What should I look out for in class?

With proper focus on pelvic floor and deep core engagement, you should be able to safely rebuild your abdominal strength. Look out for a “doming: of your abdominal muscles as this may be a sign that you aren’t engaging enough through those deep muscles, or that the exercise is too difficult for you. Check out the Prenatal and Postnatal page for more information.

How long should I do the Postnatal Program for?

There is no magic number here! You need to do the Postnatal Program until you have built up enough strength through your deep abdominal muscles and feel strong and supported in your body. We recommend an assessment with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Why should I do Postnatal Pilates?

Postnatal Pilates will help you rebuild your strength in your body after pregnancy. Chloe has designed all classes to specifically target the postnatal body's needs. Pelvic floor strength will assist with maintaining continence and heal any weakness, deep core strength will help heal a diastasis rectus abdominis or abdominal separation, glute strength assists with pelvic stability. Get ready to feel strong, stable and confident through the power of movement.

What video should I start with?

Start by watching the Postnatal Chat, you can find this on the prenatal and postnatal page - it’s free to view! This chat outlines how to use the Program, what you are focusing on and what to expect.

The Posture Series

Who is The Posture Series for?

The program was designed for anyone wanting to improve or maintain their posture with Pilates. It’s for desk workers, WFH-ers, hospitality workers and anyone who wants to give their posture a little more love.

What are the benefits of Pilates for posture?

There are so many! A few are - feeling more flexible, building endurance in the postural stabilisers, finding greater body awareness, feeling confident, reducing tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and back.

How long is The Posture Series?

4 weeks, with 5 sessions per week ranging from 10 to 45 minutes.

What equipment do I need for The Posture Series?

You need a mat (or a surface to do your classes from) as well as a set of light hand weights. There is an optional foam roller class so I recommend having a foam roller too but if you don’t you can still access the whole series.

Do I need to be at a certain level to do The Posture Series?

No! It’s suitable for all levels, all ages and all abilities.

Will The Posture Series help with back pain?

It could! The specially designed program includes both mobility and strengthening exercises which could assist with pain experienced in the back. If it doesn’t work for you, I recommend an individualised assessment with a physiotherapist or physical therapist.

Can I do The Posture Series whilst pregnant?

The Posture Series is not appropriate for prenatal clients.

Can I do The Posture Series postnatally?

Yes! It’s a great way to build up strength for the postnatal period which includes a lot of pressure on the postural muscles (feeding, changing, settling etc!)

Is The Posture Series available on my pilates membership or do I have to pay extra?

It’s included!

I’m not a member, can I still access The Posture Series?

You sure can! The Posture Series is available for rent for a month for $35 USD

The Running Series

What’s included in The Running Series?

Oh just everything you need for your running journey! There are run-day warm ups and cool downs, running specific Pilates strengthening classes, recovery classes and Weekly Movement Plans to help incorporate these workouts into your week of movement.

How much does The Running Series cost?

It’s included in your Go Chlo Pilates subscription, which costs $45 USD per month. You can also rent The Running Series for $35 USD for one month.

Will The Running Series prevent injuries?

The Running Series was specifically designed to help prevent running injuries. All the classes will build up the specific strength and mobility the body needs for running.

What running injuries are the most common? How do I prevent them?

Some common running injuries are plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners knee, patella tendinopathy and muscle strains. In order to prevent running injuries, you need to follow a safe running plan with gradual increases in speed and distance, have appropriate footwear and practice proper strength and recovery training.

Is The Running Series available on my Pilates membership or do I have to pay extra?

It’s included!

How should I use the Running Series?

On the day of your run, watch the Running Warm Up (before you run) and the Running Cool Down (after you run). Then make sure you complete the 3 classes in the “Once A Week Workouts” section every week to ensure your body is building up running specific strength. These will only take you 30 minutes. Then, try to incorporate the other Strength and Recovery classes into your week. Download the Weekly Movement Schedule under the Resources tab for an outline on how to incorporate the Pilates classes into your week.

Why is Pilates important for running?

The right Pilates exercises directly translate into your running technique. For example, a side lying clam exercise strengthens the gluteus medius and maximus muscles, which can improve the way your knees land and push off when you run. A strong core will support your back as you run, strong calves support your ankles and feet and strong quads will ensure a powerful push off! All these exercises can also prevent injury.

How important is Recovery after running?

It’s essential! Proper recovery involves stretching or rolling of muscles including your hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings and upper back. Running can make your body tight but if you have the right tools and you honour your recovery, your body can feel great.

"Chloe's workouts are more challenging, rewarding, and most excitingly they’ve been the kick in the glute my workouts have been craving for some years now."

Gemma Bath, Mamamia, Sydney 

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"Chloe makes you feel like you can do anything and her encouragement makes you want to do everything!"

Kim Schifino, Matt and Kim, New York

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"Go Chlo got my hips and glutes strong and healthy for long runs and I will always be grateful for that.”

Matt Nissen, Melbourne