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Join Chloe, your personal Pilates instructor and Physiotherapist, for your FREE 5 day core Pilates challenge


Day 1 - Progressing Core Connection

13 minute class starting gently and building 

A whole class laying on your back and focusing on a Pilates style build of activation through the core 

Day 3 - Deep Core Activation

15 minute class exploring how to connect to your core through different exercises

Discover how to connect into your deep abdominal muscles to stabilise your body with movements like bird dogs, side planks and toe taps

Day 5 - Abdominal Strength & Power

15 minute strong class for the abdominals

Incorporates powerful movements like toe taps, curls, roll ups and planks to fire up the abdominals and deeply strengthen


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Go Chlo Pilates is designed and taught by physiotherapist Chloe de Winter, who has a deep understanding of the human body, anatomy and movement. After years teaching thousands of clients around the world, Chloe's expertise is now available to you in your home through Go Chlo Pilates. Chloe is passionate about giving you that in-studio feel from home, and you'll feel the difference being guided through your workouts here. 


Through expert cues, you'll feel like Chloe is right next to you, helping you with each movement. We can't wait for you to fall in love with Go Chlo Pilates. 


Classes to suit everyone in all life stages, from beginners to advanced, prenatal and postnatal, desk workers, fitness lovers and everyone in between.

We are a body positive platform, no body shaming here! 

As a small business, you can reach out to us any time for help or modifications - we're here to help.


All classes are prepared and taught by a qualified Physiotherapist which means you're in safe hands. 


It's not just Pilates, but physio led education, workshops and specialised programs.

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Access to over 200 classes, available on demand

New classes added every week

Weekly Pilates Plan to plan your daily at-home workouts

Classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced

Experience 10 minute, 15, 20, 30 and 45 minute class options

Evidence based Prenatal and Postnatal classes

Specialised posture series to improve posture in just 4 weeks

Supportive Facebook community

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"As someone who's always been active but never enjoyed "working out" in the traditional sense, I appreciate the framing of your class as an opportunity to build strength and facilitate the mind-body connection. I look forward to Go Chlo each day because it feels like *more* than just working out but still with less pressure. And while I'm relatively new to pilates, I know I can always plan on discovering something new about myself in each class and that that time spent will be just what I need to feel good... and be better for myself"

- Hanna L

"To say I have been enjoying Go Chlo Pilates is a massive understatement, your workouts have been life changing! I've never enjoyed any type of workout class before, either online or in person. But I found your calm and supportive energy, along with your incredibly specific instruction and encyclopaedic knowledge of muscles absolutely addicting! I've shared your videos to friends, who also totally love them. I'm starting to really feel the results of my time on the mat! You're doing the best work! I'm so grateful to you and your platform."

- Jessica M

 I'm so proud of you for taking up this core challenge and I can't wait for you to continue your Pilates journey. 

Any questions, just reach out to me at

I can't wait to hear from you!

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