The Posture Series 

By Chloe de Winter


Curated by a physiotherapist, to improve your posture

A four week Pilates program to improve your posture with specially designed strengthening, mobilisation and stretching workouts. All designed and taught by physiotherapist and Master Pilates instructor, Chloe de Winter 

Your journey to better posture starts now 

Here's what we focus on each week

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Learn what it means to improve your posture and how you are going to achieve just that. I break down the steps required to make a change in your posture. 

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Week 1: Release

The first week is about creating length in the body and releasing tension. You will also start to build the foundational strength in the postural muscles. 

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Week 2: Build

Build on the foundations and feel more activation through the postural muscles. Alignment is a big focus this week and you will start to feel a change in your body. 

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Week 3: Lift

Adding more resistance to your movement, feel your body getting stronger. At the same time, full body stretches maintain that lengthened feeling.

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Week 4: Together

Bringing it all together, you will feel stronger in the movements and notice the shift in your posture in your daily life. By this stage, you will feel the difference.

Experience a curated selection of videos designed to build strength in your postural muscles, flexibility in the spine and length in the body. Five sessions per week, from 10 to 45 minutes to perfectly balance your week of movement  

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love the posture series. I never realised how much I needed a planned and structured series. Usually I randomly select classes throughout the week without actually knowing the right combination to do. My back can be a bit tricky so this has been a ‘back-saver’ I don’t know anyone else that builds a ‘series’ for users and I LOVE IT!!!"

- Sarah K


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