The Running Series 

By Chloe de Winter


Your compact running guide to help you run better

All the tools you need to improve running performance and reduce your chance of running related injury. Here you will find a run-day warm ups and cool downs, targeted strengthening sessions and recovery classes, all tailored to running. Incorporating Pilates into your weekly schedule can improve your leg biomechanics, foot and ankle control and pelvic stability which can directly translate into your running technique. Coupled with appropriate stretching and muscle release, your body will feel at it’s best when you run. 


Let’s hit the mat and then hit the pavement


The Running Series is included in your subscription, along with access to over 200 Pilates classes 

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Run Day

Your warm ups and cool downs. Start your run right and get the right muscles fired up with a pre run warm up.  Post run, there are two cool downs to choose from, one for those in a hurry and another for a deep stretch and recovery.



Short and full length pilates classes to further strengthen and stabilise those important muscles. Classes should be incorporated into your weekly movement.

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Once A Week Workouts

3 short workouts to strengthen the most important areas for running. Do these workouts once a week. We focus on the calves, glutes and core to improve foot, hip and knee biomechanics, build stability and avoid common running injuries. 



Think foam rollers, massage balls and stretching. Short and full length recovery for when your body needs that little bit of extra love. Incorporate these into your rest days. 

"I found Chloe online after injuring my calf a few times from my short runs and she has changed my whole approach to running. Chloe is not only fantastic at teaching her classes but the amount of knowledge she has shines through and I have learnt so much about my body and what areas I need to strengthen. Fast forward 2 months, I have added 5km to my distance, have had no injuries since and feel stronger and better energised after my runs. Thanks so much Chloe!"

- Jordana Z


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