The Running Series 

By Chloe de Winter


Your compact running guide to help you run better

All the tools you need to improve running performance and reduce your chance of running related injury. Here you will find a run-day warm ups and cool downs, targeted strengthening sessions and recovery classes, all tailored to running. Incorporating Pilates into your weekly schedule can improve your leg biomechanics, foot and ankle control and pelvic stability which can directly translate into your running technique. Coupled with appropriate stretching and muscle release, your body will feel at it’s best when you run. 


Let’s hit the mat and then hit the pavement


The Running Series is included in your subscription, along with access to

over 200 Pilates classes 

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Run Day

Your warm ups and cool downs. Start your run right and get the right muscles fired up with a pre run warm up.  Post run, there are two cool downs to choose from, one for those in a hurry and another for a deep stretch and recovery.

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Once A Week Workouts

3 short workouts to strengthen the most important areas for running. Do these workouts once a week. We focus on the calves, glutes and core to improve foot, hip and knee biomechanics, build stability and avoid common running injuries. 

The first week is about creating length in the body and releasing tension. You will also start to build the foundational strength in the postural muscles. 



Short and full length pilates classes to further strengthen and stabilise those important muscles. Classes should be incorporated into your weekly movement.



Think foam rollers, massage balls and stretching. Short and full length recovery for when your body needs that little bit of extra love. Incorporate these into your rest days. 

Frequently Asked Questions about The Running Series

What’s included in The Running Series?

Oh just everything you need for your running journey! There are run-day warm ups and cool downs, running specific Pilates strengthening classes, recovery classes and Weekly Movement Plans to help incorporate these workouts into your week of movement.

How much does The Running Series cost?

It’s included in your Go Chlo Pilates subscription, which costs $45 USD per month. You can also rent The Running Series for $35 USD for one month.

Will The Running Series prevent injuries?

The Running Series was specifically designed to help prevent running injuries. All the classes will build up the specific strength and mobility the body needs for running.

What running injuries are the most common? How do I prevent them?

Some common running injuries are plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners knee, patella tendinopathy and muscle strains. In order to prevent running injuries, you need to follow a safe running plan with gradual increases in speed and distance, have appropriate footwear and practice proper strength and recovery training.

Is The Running Series available on my Pilates membership or do I have to pay extra?

It’s included!

I’m not a member, can I still access The Running Series?

You sure can! You can rent The Running Series for $35 USD for one month.

How should I use the Running Series?

On the day of your run, watch the Running Warm Up (before you run) and the Running Cool Down (after you run). Then make sure you complete the 3 classes in the “Once A Week Workouts” section every week to ensure your body is building up running specific strength. These will only take you 30 minutes. Then, try to incorporate the other Strength and Recovery classes into your week. Download the Weekly Movement Schedule under the Resources tab for an outline on how to incorporate the Pilates classes into your week.

Why is Pilates important for running?

The right Pilates exercises directly translate into your running technique. For example, a side lying clam exercise strengthens the gluteus medius and maximus muscles, which can improve the way your knees land and push off when you run. A strong core will support your back as you run, strong calves support your ankles and feet and strong quads will ensure a powerful push off! All these exercises can also prevent injury.

How important is Recovery after running?

It’s essential! Proper recovery involves stretching or rolling of muscles including your hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings and upper back. Running can make your body tight but if you have the right tools and you honour your recovery, your body can feel great.

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