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From Chloe

It’s my goal to help people move better and feel better in their bodies through specially designed, Physiotherapist led Pilates classes.



My passion for movement was ignited after completing my Masters of Physiotherapy Practice and Bachelor of Health Science in 2014, as well as a Comprehensive Pilates Course with APPI.


After completing my training, I dived into working with clients at a Physiotherapy practice in Melbourne, treating injuries, conducting rehabilitation and helping my clients achieve their movement goals. From there, I took my learnings to New York where I worked as the Director of Teacher Training and Education at one of the city’s premier Pilates studios, East River Pilates.


Throughout this time, I was able to help so many people through the power of Pilates, seeing incredible transformations in their lives - both physically and mentally.

The birth of Go Chlo Pilates

At the start of 2020, with studio doors shut, I decided to bring the power of movement to the online world. I saw the need for people to move in safe and effective ways from home, to feel a sense of connection from a community of movers and decided to create this. So, Go Chlo Pilates was born and since that day, I haven’t looked back!

What it’s all about

Go Chlo Pilates is all about empowering you through feel good movement. You’ll build endurance, mobility, power and strength throughout your whole body but more than that - you’ll learn to love feeling your body, its power and its strength. I want to change everyone’s relationship with exercise and see it as a celebration of their bodies, not a punishment. This is where my true passion lies. 


I have a deep understanding of proper technique and the anatomy and physiology of movement and know that you will feel that difference. Also, movement should be fun and freeing!


This platform has something for everyone - I have made sure of that! It features classes for the Pilates pros, the beginners, those that want to sweat and those that need a stretch. It features an entire prenatal and postnatal library, a dedicated posture series as well as movement challenges to keep you accountable. 


Let me help you discover the power of this movement practice! 


I’ll see you on the mat 

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