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"As someone who's always been active but never enjoyed "working out" in the traditional sense, I appreciate the framing of your class as an opportunity to build strength and facilitate the mind-body connection. I look forward to Go Chlo each day because it feels like *more* than just working out but still with less pressure. And while I'm relatively new to pilates, I know I can always plan on discovering something new about myself in each class and that that time spent will be just what I need to feel good... and be better for myself"

—  Hanna L 

"To say I have been enjoying Go Chlo Pilates is a massive understatement-- your workouts have been life changing! ...I've never enjoyed any type of workout class before, either online or in person. But I found your calm and supportive energy, along with your incredibly specific instruction and encyclopaedic knowledge of muscles absolutely addicting! I've shared your videos to friends, who also totally love them. I'm starting to really feel the results of my time on the mat!


You're doing the best work! I'm so grateful to you and your platform. Thank you for putting this out into the world!"

—  Jessica M

"I love Go Chlo Pilates classes. They have kept me motivated to keep moving and as I approach 40, I'm feeling the need to run less and Pilates more and thanks to your classes, I'm listening to that urge. I love how down to earth you appear to be, that you speak to your clients like normal people and you include adjustments without judgement. Bloody love it. Keep banging out the hits!"

- Anna

"With very limited previous pilates experience, I started Pilates with Go Chlo 5 months postpartum after a friend recommended her classes to me. I quickly became addicted to Chloe’s engaging, fun (and challenging) classes and found my pilates practice progressing and my glutes firming rapidly! 


Chloe has a unique ability to make squats, lunges and side planks fun, whilst providing insightful knowledge about anatomy and ultimately the intention behind the exercises sequences in the classes. 


Now at 18 months postpartum, I am the fittest, strongest and most toned I’ve ever been (I have abs I’ve never had before!). & The best part for me, is that Gochlo on demand enables me to smash out a workout whilst my baby sleeps without having to leave the house. I can’t recommend Go Chlo enough to any Mama or Mama to be, to help build strength and mobility and ultimately for a fun workout. 


Thanks Chloe, your classes have become a huge part of my daily movement practice and the results inspire me to challenge myself a little more each class” 

- Bannie W

“I knew that her classes were always safe and appropriate because of her background in physiotherapy but they were still so challenging”

- Danielle

"I have fallen in love with Pilates over the last year and this platform has a lot to do with it"

- Gidelvia

"The accessibility and tone of your videos are *so* appreciated. I really like that they're all about the movement and support of our bodies, regardless of level, and not about making my body look a certain way. The physiotherapy shines through! This is honestly something I've been looking for for quite a while."

- Caitlin

“I feel so much better in my body overall since I started doing Go Chlo Pilates, I feel more flexible and I'm pain free”

- Andy

“It's like no pilates I've ever done before”

- Gemma

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