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With over 200 classes to choose from, there really is a Pilates class for everyone


​​A full body 45 minute Pilates workout focusing on strength, stability, control, and muscular endurance. Explore new ways to move and develop a deeper body connection. Get ready to feel strong and confident!

Mat Pilates 

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A spicy 30-minute fast-paced, full body Pilates workout. Efficient and effective, this sequence of Pilates movements will strengthen, lengthen, and engage every muscle in your body.

Get your HIIT Pilates fix as we dial up the intensity with strategic bursts of controlled Pilates moves. Yes, you will elevate your heart rate but you will also build muscular endurance with high intensity, low impact Pilates exercises. Let’s get sweaty!

Your body needs this class! It’s a chance to feel open, unwind, soften and lengthen through targeted stretches and mobilisation techniques. Get your stretch on.

Express Pilates 

High Intensity Pilates 

Pilates with Weights 

Movement Snacks

The Stretch

Prenatal Pilates 

Postnatal Pilates 

Grab some hand weights, cans or water bottles. With a focus on strength, stability, control and muscular endurance, we will dig deep and explore new ways to move. Let’s get strong!

In a hurry? These short and spicy Pilates videos pack a punch, and in under 15 minutes. Engage, strengthen, and stretch with these mini pilates workouts. Minimal time. Maximum impact.

Let me guide you through this special time with whole body workouts focusing on deep strength, stability and control. These specially designed classes will help your body feel great in your pregnancy, labor and prepare you for the postnatal period. Expect pelvic floor, deep core and breathing work, as well as challenging movement flows!

A transformative practice to help safely strengthen and reconnect with your body. Find specific classes focusing on pelvic floor, diastasis rectus abdominis and specific postnatal stretches as well as whole body strength and conditioning.


Clinical, evidence-based programs, curated by a physiotherapist 


A four week program designed to improve and maintain your posture. Expect a range of special workouts with targeted strengthening of the upper back, shoulders and spine as well as restorative workouts designed to release postural tension and tightness. It’s time to start your journey to better posture.

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Did you know that Pilates can improve your running form and performance and reduce your risk of injury? In The Running Series, I'll guide you through everything you need to know.  

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​Allow me to do the planning for you with these specially designed Pilates programs.

Each Challenge includes a video every day, which perfectly balance your week of movement with strength, endurance and mobility. These challenges live on Go Chlo Pilates and are ready and waiting for you to begin today! Simply pick the right one for you. 


Pick between four options: 

  • Challenging 

  • Gentle

  • Prenatal 

  • Postnatal 


Pick between two options: 

  • Advanced Strength & Power

  • Stretch & Mobility

Class Levels 

Because we are all different

Beginner Pilates 

Pilates doesn't have to be scary! I promise!
Work your way through these beginner pilates classes and build strength and stability in a way that feels good for you. 
I can't wait to meet you on the mat.

Intermediate Pilates

Our mid range level. Perfect for beginners who are ready to take their practice to the next level and pilates regulars who want to focus on strength, stability and control. 

Advanced Pilates

Ready to take your pilates to the next level? Strengthen and sweat through these fun and challenging pilates workouts. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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