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How To Get Free Pilates Classes

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The pandemic has made it a challenging time for many, with job losses, business closures and snap lockdowns affecting us. At Go Chlo Pilates, we understand that Pilates can be a large expense and it’s our goal to make Pilates accessible to all. So, we wanted to show you how to access the best online Pilates for free.

Whether you're a Pilates pro or complete newbie, there are classes out there to suit all levels. There's no need for a Pilates studio, just clear a space at home and get moving.

Pilates On YouTube

Say hello to Go Chlo Pilates on YouTube! Our extensive library of free Pilates classes are the perfect way to strengthen, stretch and get your heart rate up.

Our favourite is the 50 minute cardio Pilates workout - go on give it a try, after all, it's free.

Or try this crowd favourite 15 Minute Full Body Workout

Pilates On Well and Good’s YouTube Channel

While we are here, take a look at Go Chlo Pilates on the Well and Good YouTube channel for even more free Pilates classes with Chloe.

“Bro this kicked my ass” - if that isn't selling it, then we don't know what will.

Plus, this viral video has almost 1 million views!

Pilates on Instagram

Instagram Reels are our new favourite way to show you all our cheeky Pilates tips and tricks, check out some of our faves here

We also have a few IGTV Pilates workouts to check out

Live Pilates Classes

Join Chloe’s live classes and “pay what you want”. Yes, that’s right you choose the price, no questions asked.

Sometimes a little accountability is all we need and that’s the best part of the live Pilates classes. Plus, it means you can connect with people around the world. How great is connection 😊

Classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (AEST) but keep an eye out on the Go Chlo Pilates Instagram for updated weekly live class timetables.

Head to the sign up link to register for your live class!

2 Week Free Trial At Go Chlo Pilates On Demand

Yep that's right, you get access to the entire Go Chlo Pilates library for free for your first two weeks. Our On Demand platform has over 200 Pilates classes to choose from. While you're there you can also join in on either our 7 or 14 day Pilates Challenges or start to improve your posture with the Go Chlo Pilates Posture Series. Cancel at anytime.

Click here to access two weeks of free Pilates.

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Hi Chloe,

just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for the community, your generosity during this difficult time is appreciated by many. I really enjoy your classes on utube, really helps everyone with their mental health too xx

Chloe, Go Chlo Pilates
Chloe, Go Chlo Pilates
2021년 10월 01일
답글 상대:

Hi Reena,

Thank you so much! That is so kind of you 😊 I really appreciate all of your support!

Chloe x

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