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What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

It might surprise some people that Pilates is about more than just getting stronger, there are, in fact, a myriad of benefits that come with practicing Pilates.

We see first hand the amazing impacts Pilates has on our Go Chlo Pilates members everyday, and we wanted to share with you the wonderful benefits Pilates can have on your physical, mental and social well being!

1. Build whole body strength

Okay we know you know this one. Pilates is so great for building strength through all the muscles of the body including the core, gluteals, hamstrings, shoulder muscles and more. Building strength is one of the main foundations of our Go Chlo Pilates classes and you will find most classes, no matter how long or short, will incorporate exercises to build strength. Mat Pilates uses a range of bodyweight exercises, sometimes incorporating light weight, resistance bands or blocks to help you get stronger.

2. Improve cardiovascular fitness

Another well known benefit of Pilates is the incorporation of high intensity training into the Pilates repertoire. Short bursts of movement that get your heart rate up are mixed with strength and stability training to give you a full body workout and help you improve your cardiovascular fitness. High intensity Pilates is a favourite of so many of our members. Give it a try here.

3. Reduce low back pain

A regular Pilates practice can improve your low back pain. This is due to a number of factors including the power of strengthening exercises for your core and gluteal muscles, the impact of stretching the spine and surrounding muscles and the general impact of movement on your mental and emotional wellbeing, which can impact your experience of pain. As a physiotherapist, Chloe understands the evidence behind low back pain and has helped many people alleviate the feeling of pain. Reach out to Chloe or your physiotherapist for more information on how Pilates can help. .

4. Feel more flexible

Similar to yoga, Pilates can help improve flexibility throughout the entire body. Pilates classes incorporate the perfect balance of strengthening and stretching movements to help your body feel limber and loose. For those days where you're feeling a little sore, swap out a Pilates class for The Stretch, our signature stretch class. Every class is different and targets different areas of the body to alleviate the feeling of stiffness and tightness. Try one here.

5. Improve running and walking technique

Yep you read that one correctly - Pilates can be so beneficial for improving everyday functionality including movements like walking or running. Through strengthening your core, glutes, hips and lower body you can significantly reduce your chances of running or walking related injuries. By incorporating Pilates and stretch classes into your week, alongside your running, you'll see improvements in your technique, allowing you to walk and run faster and longer. We have the greatest running series for you, jam packed with warm ups, cool downs and a whole lot of stretch and strength classes, specifically tailored for running. View it here.

6. Improve your posture

An important one in 2020/2021, with more people working from home and an increase in sedentary lifestyles leading to postural tension.

Incorporating Pilates into your exercise regime will help you build strength through your postural muscles, the muscles around your head, neck, shoulders, spine and hips, and enable you to improve and maintain better posture. Muscles like your serratus anterior, trapezius, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi all play a role in supporting your body and building endurance through these muscles will help you to sit with more strength and control. Stretching through the appropriate muscles and joints will also help, as it alleviates the feeling of tightness and tension in the body that builds up with desk sitting.

The Posture Series is a 4 week program, specifically designed to help you improve your posture. Check it out here.

7. Practice mindfulness

Pilates incorporates the coordination of movement and breathwork. This allows you to disconnect from your thoughts and instead, focus on your body and what you are feeling. This mindful movement practice can be meditative for some as they are forced to stay out of their head and remain present on the mat.

8. Mental and emotional benefits of Pilates

How amazing is that post Pilates smile from ear to ear? It's true, Pilates and exercise is great for boosting your mood and increasing those endorphins. Partaking in a Pilates class also gives you time to focus on yourself. The benefits that Pilates provides both mentally and emotionally can also impact you physically, by improving your sleep, clarity and mindfulness.

9. Community benefit

This is one of our favourites, we can't look past the incredible global Go Chlo Pilates community that has formed. Our online community doesn't just make us feel warm and fuzzy but are so supportive of each other. We love how important Pilates is to them and how it’s become part of their daily routine, and really enjoy seeing their little wins and improvements over their time. Our community truly inspires! If you want to be part of an amazing community of like-minded Pilates goers check out our Facebook community here.

We could keep listing benefits as there truly are so many more…including (on a personal note), the fact that my glutes are the strongest they have ever been! But we’ll leave it there and let you decide the rest for yourself!



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