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"Finding Go Chlo Pilates has been exactly what I needed in 2020. I absolutely adore her classes and they are so different ( in all the right ways) to any other Pilates class I’ve done before. They’re more challenging, rewarding, and most excitingly they’ve been the kick in the glute my workouts have been craving for some years now. Chuck in the fact Chloe is literal sunshine in a human, that her live classes are accessible to everyone. "

—  Gemma Bath, Senior News Writer

@ Mamamia, Sydney

"Go Chlo Pilates is an incredible way to start the day and keeps me feeling physically and mentally strong!"

—  Ella Winthrope, Melbourne

“GoChlo Pilates has changed my entire relationship to exercise, and she has the best Spotify playlists!”

—  Kameron Villavicencio, Brooklyn

"Working out with Chloe is life changing! Her workouts are fun and challenging for all levels, and have really helped me manage everyday stress. I’ve seen amazing results not only physically, but also mentally. I feel strong yet light, confident and calm. Chloe is so knowledgeable about each workout and delivers precise instruction for proper alignment, all with a huge smile on her face! I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found Go Chlo Pilates!” 

—  Gabby Sussman, Haircutter & Colorist,

New York

“Chloe has changed my life. As a physiotherapist, her knowledge of how the human body moves is unparalleled and it shows. Her classes are challenging, technical, and informative. By using precise cues and descriptive imagery, Chloe helps you activate the right muscles to maximize each exercise (even, virtually!). Most importantly, her playful, joyful spirit will change your relationship with exercise and make you remember that movement is freeing and fun. I leave Chloe’s classes feeling grounded in my body with a smile on my face. I cannot recommend her enough.” 

—  Emily Kenyon, Lawyer, New York

"GoChlo pilates was literally the only thing keeping me sane during quarantine and even as restrictions have eased and we can go back to the gym, I still can’t get enough! Chloe is an incredible teacher, the workouts are hard and I can feel how much stronger I have become."

—  Hannah Baker, Lawyer, Melbourne

"No matter what kind of day I’m having, doing a class with Chloe instantly always makes me feel better. Her classes not only work your body, but internally with your mind and soul as well!"

—  Angela Hwang, New York 

"Go Chlo Pilates is like no other! As a beginner to Pilates, Chloe presented as the an incredible guide and teacher. I always knew what position my body should be in and never experienced pain from incorrect positioning with her. Go Chlo's pace and style is perfect, and don't get me started on her contagious and bubbly personality!! Go Chlo Pilates is FUN, hard and rewarding. I don't know how she does it."

—  Olivia Sandler, Flying Fox, Melbourne 

“I could go on and on about Chloe and I often do.  We met a couple of years ago and instantly I loved her as a teacher.  Her classes are accessible for a wide range of abilities which was very helpful when I was coming off ACL surgery and getting back into Pilates.  Now, years post surgery, her classes are challenging to my current ability.  She makes you feel like you can do anything and her encouragement makes you want to do everything!  ” 

—  Kim Schifino, Musician, New York

"Chloe is an amazing human and fitness instructor. Her classes have kept me going mentally and physically through a difficult year! I’ve been doing as many of her classes as I can for over 7 months now and I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life!” 

—  Sarah Lynch, Connecticut

"Go Chlo Pilates has saved me! Thank you Chloe for your amazing classes! As a busy mum it's so handy to be able to do classes online when bubs is asleep. And having the option of the live sessions or her prerecorded ones on YouTube has been amazing too because there's such a variety to choose from. I am feeling so much stronger and fitter from your classes. Thank you"

—  Mel Ritterman, Founder, Cooper and Kids

“I started taking classes with Chloe a few years ago. Since COVID I've been taking her zoom classes, and she is part of my sanity, health, strength and my weekly self-care routine. Her classes are hard, full of energy and fun. Each class has something unique and works muscles I did not even know existed. I look forward to every class I have with Chloe.” 

—  Cynthia, Designer @ HBO Max, New York

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