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28 days of Pilates classes

Physio designed movement plans focusing on strength, endurance, cardio and recovery

Suitable for all levels

Designed to make you feel your best 

One grand prize

Starts November 1​

Why this challenge is different 

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1. You won’t get in trouble for skipping a day

Go Chlo Pilates is all about tuning into your body and how you feel. If that means skipping a day’s workout, then that’s great! You have accomplished what I preach and listened to your body. 

2. No progress pics here!

Yep, you can keep your clothes on! We will be tracking your progress differently for this challenge - it’s all about how you feel. Each week, you’ll track your progress through Progress Feels where you can describe how you’re feeling in words or in my personal favourite - emojis. 


3. You won’t feel ruined by the end of it

28 days of working out with me sounds like a lot, I know. But, I have expertly designed your week of movement to maximise your performance and your recovery. Think Mat Pilates with side of Stretch, think High Intensity Pilates followed by some hip mobilisation. As a physio, I understand human movement and this challenge is perfectly planned for you. 


4. Everyone is welcome

Yep, you heard that right. You are welcome here! If a class doesn't work for you, that’s fine! Just switch that day’s class for any of the other 200 classes on the platform. 

5. It’s free with your Go Chlo Pilates subscription

What's included?

  • 28 days of carefully curated Pilates classes 

  • One amazing grand prize up for grabs 

  • Weekly check ins and goal setting 

  • Exclusive tips from Chloe 

  • Support from Chloe and the GCP team

  • Ability to swap and change classes from the entire Go Chlo Pilates library of over 200 classes 

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How will we track your progress?

We here at Go Chlo Pilates don't believe in progress pics, only progress feels. 


Each week, we want to know how you're feeling to make sure you are kicking your own goals.

We will offer two ways to track your progress 

  • Shareable instagram tracker 

  • Online form sent weekly via email

Tracking your progress isnt compulsory, but it will increase your chances of winning our amazing prize!  

What's the prize?

Our lucky winner will be selected based on their overall energy and commitment to the challenge. This will be noted from their pre and post challenge check ins and progress updates. 

Anyone can win... yes you legend!

To be eligible for the prize you must be a GCP member and be enrolled in the challenge 

Grand prize 

  • 1 year membership to Go Chlo Pilates 

  • $100 All Fenix voucher 

  • Limited edition Go Chlo Pilates hoodie