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Are you up for the challenge?

 14 days of at-home pilates workouts

Prenatal and Postnatal options

2 live classes 

All classes are under 30 minutes

 Improve strength, posture, core connection and flexibility 




Why GCP Challenges Are Different 

1. You won’t get in trouble for skipping a day

Go Chlo Pilates is all about tuning into your body and how you feel. If that means skipping a day’s workout, then that’s great! You have accomplished what I preach and listened to your body. 

2. No progress pics here

Yep, you can keep your clothes on! We will be tracking your progress differently for this challenge - it’s all about how you feel. We'll send you a short check in to complete at the start and the end of the challenge to track how you're feeling.


​3. You won’t feel ruined by the end of it

Muscles work the most optimally when they are recovered. So, while we'll be doing lots of strengthening, we'll also do some stretching. It means that by the end of the challenge, you'll feel strong, flexible and well, fab! As a physio, I understand human movement and this challenge is perfectly planned for you. 


4. Everyone is welcome

Yep, you heard that right. You are welcome here! If a class doesn't work for you, that’s fine! Just switch that day’s class for any of the other 200 classes on the platform. 

5. It’s free with your Go Chlo Pilates subscription

What's Included?

Two Live classes

2 weeks of carefully curated Pilates classes 

Prenatal and postnatal options


Support from Chloe 

Ability to swap and change classes from the entire library of over 200 classes 

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See you on the mat!

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