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What’s The Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

For years this has been the question on everyone's mind, with many people thinking they have to do either one or the other. The truth is, you don't have to pick sides and many people practice both of these movement forms! Both Pilates and yoga have unbelievable benefits, and in fact, it's their differences that complement each other in the best way.

Both Pilates and yoga focus on having a mind-body connection, drawing in different elements such as breathwork, muscle activation, flexibility and mindfulness. They are also both low intensity and low impact. Yes, we are pro Pilates but we also incorporate yoga style exercises into our classes, like in this yoga style Pilates stretch class. This class is a personal favourite!

What is yoga?

At its core, yoga is a spiritual and meditative practice with its roots spanning back to India over 5000 years ago. Over the years, many different forms of yoga have been developed including a faster paced Vinyasa or slower paced Yin. The basic structure of yoga involves moving into different poses and connecting them to your breathwork to feel deep stretches, with an aim to connect you to your body and breath. Often these poses are held for longer periods to maximize their benefits.

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed Pilates in 1920 to help rehabilitate injured soldiers, so it's no surprise that Pilates has a large emphasis on building strength and stability especially through the core. There are many forms of Pilates including mat and reformer and both incorporate different equipment like weights, the magic circle and resistance bands to help build strength. Pilates also focuses on breathwork to facilitate muscle activation, assist with core involvement and move mindfully. Like yoga, over the years there have been many forms of Pilates pop up such as HIIT Pilates and Stretch Pilates (which you can find on Go Chlo Pilates) that take the main principles of pilates and introduce new ways to incorporate these.

What are the differences between Pilates and yoga?

The underlying intention between yoga and Pilates differs, mainly due to their origins. It can be said that Yoga targets the spiritual aspect whilst Pilates focuses on muscle activation. But don't be fooled, yoga can build muscle and Pilates can be good for the mind.

The breathing technique also differs between yoga and Pilates mainly due to the different types of movements performed in each. Those who practice both yoga and Pilates will often comment on the breathing patterns with movement being reversed!

Should I do Pilates or Yoga?

Pilates and yoga are both great forms of exercise, but we at Go Chlo Pilates are team Pilates (surprising, we know)! That being said, both Pilates and yoga are extremely versatile and beneficial and they are both great forms of fitness, for both the mind and body.

Pilates and yoga have deep roots in both strength and flexibility and use different methods to ultimately achieve the same goal - connecting yourself to your body whether that be physically, mentally or spiritually. At the end of the day, yoga and Pilates can be taken however you like them. Here at Go Chlo Pilates we believe that Pilates is just as good for mindfulness as yoga, and have seen our clients get stronger from incorporating yoga into their practice too.

Go Chlo Pilates provides you with the best of both worlds - we offer both Pilates and yoga inspired stretch classes to improve strength, stability and flexibility.

Check out our wide range of classes, with over 200 classes available to you on demand,

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